Banister End for Stainless steel handrails

Choosing Banister End for Stainless steel handrails confirmed the styles to the homeowners. The styles of handrail as below will help you to choose the most suitable for your style.

Multi groove end for stainless steel handrail

Stainless steel handrail with Groove Ends now on sale. Its features: 42.4mm Stainless Steel tube, fully assembled, complete with Wall Brackets, precision machined Multi-Groove Ends fitted, wall mounting Screws included, satin finish (brushed)

Large images of SUS banister end

Three groove ends of stainless steel handrail.

Another kind of Banister end of stainless steel handrail is handrail 3 Groove Ends. Do you think this sample is elegant? This style has all features of Multi groove stainless steel handrail above.

Larger image of 3 groove ends.

 Domed banister end stainless steel handrail

This product also called Stainless Steel Brushed Staircase Bannister Balustrade Hand-Rail - Domed Ends on Ebay
 Large image of domed stainless steel

Flat banister end stainless steel handrail.

Flat banister end is the most popular stainless steel handrail end all over the world. Because of easy to fabrication, so its price is cheaper then 3 style above. Flat end is applied for tempered stainless steel handrail as below images.

 Flat end handrail mounted on the wall. This style handrail was often made by 304 or 201 stainless steel, polished stainless steel or hairline on the surface.

Polished haindrail wall mounted handrail

Hairline handraill wall mounted images

Large image of hairline stainless steel image

Rectangular wall mount stainless steel

Rectangular section stainless steel banister handrail with flat ends

40mm Square Section Stainless Steel Banister Handrail with Flat Ends.

Quadrant Handrail in Satin Stainless Steel with Vice stanoff

Retangular stainless steel decoration

Rectangular handrails shown are manufactured from solid bar stock: bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum filled stainless steel tubing. The ends are straight or turned in approximately 3”. Included are 5/16” x 3-1/2” studs, and 1-1/2” x 1” round standard or removable spacers (one spacer for every 2 feet of handrail). Advise model spacer required


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