Corrugated stainless steel sheets suppliers

Corrugated stainless steel sheets suppliers

Corrugated stainless steel sheets is rather expensive, so it is not widely used in construction. The common corrugated sheet is galvanized steel sheet and powder steel sheet. But in this post, I show you the usefull of corrugated stainless steel sheets and sometime we have to use this product. First, we should know some suppliers provide this product.

Supplier: Aerodynamic Metals Pte. Ltd.

Aerodynamic Metals Pte Ltd is one of the leading provider of Aluminium and stainless steel procucts for its reliable, efciency and commitment to quality.

Supplier: EREBEX is a globally oriented stainless steel specialist to solve industry's needs

EREBEX - The Stainless Steel Company: Duplex and Super duplex goods: Pipes, Tubes, Plates Coils, Fittings, Flanges, Bars, Profiles

Supplier: Tianjin Baotai Teyuan  International  Trade Co.,LTD

This company supplies cold/hot-rolled stainless steel sheets,stainless steel bars ,stainless steel coils and stainless steel pipes to many steel factories from at home and abroad, including Sanxi Taigang Iron& Steel CO,.LTD (TISCO) Zhangjiagang Pohang (ZPSS), Shanghai Krupp, Ningbo Baoxin and steel factories in Taiwan area, Mainland Chinese and foreign countries and regions.


Alibaba is the famous of internet marketting for most of the industrial product all over the world. The customer can find out the product that they want, make deal and contact for supplying, including shipping to their region.

Some image of corrugated stainless steel sheets:

Sheet uses for facade in corrosion enviroment in order to last for a long time.

Corrugated stainless steel sheets
Corrugated stainless steel sheets for facade

There are some kind of corrugated stainless steel sheet. The color of sheet in images below is not actual color of stainless, it only symbolize for  each kind of sheet. The blue color sheet is flat wave sheet (also known Seam lock sheet), feature: with the same volume then the area is larger. The brown color sheet is round wave sheet, feature: round wave increases load above sheet and the white color sheet is also known Kiplock sheet, its feature: with high wave, it is suitable in the tropical weather, where rain is so much, because if rain is so much, water flows over the wave and rain water can leak inside through the connection between 2 sheets.

Another corrugated stainless steel sheet which use for decoration, especially in facade of building. The facade of building is difficult to change or repair, so if we want to use corrugated sheet for building facade, I think you should use this stainless steel product for sustainable by time. And I think you should know more about the perforated stainless steel sheet, which has the same function of decoration like corrugated sheet when you want to decorate your building or your house.


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