How to cleaning Stainless Steel Grates

How to cleaning Stainless Steel Grates 

This image on the left is Flexible Grill Cleaner removes baked-on touching greasy grates.

Unlike a brush, this stainless steel wire cleans the grates all the way around, not just on top. Strips away baked-on food with ease, and you don’t have to remove the heavy, greasy grates to clean them.

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Another way to cleaning the grime out of the Grates:

I found them difficult to scrape clean with a stainless grate brush and having brushed canola oil lightly on the grates before putting the chicken on. What chemicals can be uses on stainless? Then by research on Google I discover the sollution for cleaning stainless steel grates here:

  1. Lightly coat grate with veg. oil prior to cooking will help. 
  2. Turn on high for 10 mins. after cooking is done. 
  3. Let grill cool, then use wire brush. 
  4. If you use straight bbq sauce during cook, then the sugar will be a tough one to clean up, as it will caramelize and burn. 
  5. Try adding 1 cup beer and 1 cup vinegar to 1 cup of your favorite bbq sauce to make a "mop". 
  6. No need to put "mop" on chicken halves or qtrs. until it has been on for 45 minutes. 
  7. Then every 10-15 mins. til done. From ths.gardenweb.coma

Video clip instruction for cleaning stainless steel grates:

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