Stainless steel blog

Stainless steel blog is the result of mine by many time of studying and working, I have a little knowledge of stainless steel and I think I need to spread out the information about the stainless steel to every body. I knew that, the information here some time has a litle mistake and difficult to understand because I am a Vietnamese and I have a small trouble in writing exactly English in both grammar and word. I really sorry if this makes you annoying.

Stainless steel blog of mine focuses in 5 parts of stainless steel field:

1. Stainless steel specifications and applications

Stainless steel coil
Stainless steel coil

2. Stainless steel in kitchenware and family furnitures

Stainless roof kitchenwar

3. Stainless steel in Jewelry products.

Stainless steel ring

4. Stainless steel in construction

stainless roof truss
Stainless roof truss

5. Stainless steel in interior decoration and exterior decoration

Stainless steel staircase

I hope you will find the big volume of information about the stainless steel in this blog


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