Stainless steel flexible conduit fitting

What is stainless steel flexible conduit fitting

Stainless steel flexible conduit fitting is also known stainless steel flexible hose is a product which used widely in industrial and construction. The image as below shows the structure detail one of them.

This one manufactured in stainless steel grade AISI 303

Features of stainless steel flexible conduit fitting

  1. Exellent strength and durablility
  2. The product was made by stainless steel, so it is really anti rust and increases corrosion resitance.
  3. Extremely flexible in any condition of working, it has a smooth characteristic so easy to installation for wire pulling.
  4. Interlock (double buckle) style 
  5. Able to withstand high temperatures
  6. Durable crush-proof construction
This product is suitable for corrosion enviroments, including water pumbs, motors, HVAC system, machine tools, electrical housing and cabinetry. It is really good in absorption of motion and vibration.
Shower stainless steel flexible Hose
Shower stainless steel flexible Hose

SUS flexible conduit suppliers

This four of SUS flexible conduit suppliers below is not meaning that they are most exellent in manufacturing or supplying this product. This is random of search results which I found on the internet.

1. Flex Tube - manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel flexible conduit, flexible stainless steel conduit, flexible conduit, industrial steel flexible conduit...
stainless steel flexible supplier

2. www.delikon.comType AT is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel small bore stainless steel flexible conduit designed primarily for OEM applications. The original and best manufacturers of conduit and cable management systems, accessories, Pipeslice and ducting products.

4.www.adaptaflex.comAdaptaflex conduits. Flexible Conduit systems including cable protection, metal and plastic conduit and fittings.

SUS flexible conduit fitting applications in industrial and machinery.

Stainless steel flexible conduit
This product is common using in industries of Food and beverage production and distribution, Chemical plants and manufacturers, Water and waste water treatment, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Refining and extraction sites, Petrochemical operations, Marine and Coastal facilities, Pulp and paper mills,  and especially using in other corrosive enviroments.

See more about the difference of using 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel in applying for products. What kind of them is better? You will have an exactly answer there.
Flexible stainless steel conduit,10mm 5m LIn field of construction, the SUS flexible conduit was large used for Supply water and drainage in Residential & Commercial, Water Heaters, Water Treatment/Purification/Softening, Connection of Sinks, Toilets, Lavabo and Boilers. Especially to protect the electrical cable underground and in the humidity enviroment, stainless steel flexible conduit can be used for protect electronic and electrical cable, and wire.

Flexible stainless steel conduit,10mm 5m L

For machinery: Most of hydraulic machines used SUS flexible conduit for operation and transmission. For 
example of excavators:

Image of Close-up of the hydraulic tubes and mechanics at an excavator arm. Photo from