Stainless steel flexible exhaust pipe images

Stainless steel flexible exhaust pipe images and its features

  • Isolate vibration generated by your vehicle's engine; thereby relieve stress on the exhaust system.
  • Reduce premature cracking of manifolds and downpipes and help extend the life of other components.
  • Feature an internal stainless steel interlock liner that facilitates smooth flow of high temperature exhaust gases. 
  • Applicable to different positions of exhaust system
  • Most effective when installed in front of the pipe section of exhaust system
  • Double ply stainless steel for ensuring durability
  • Technically gas- tight
  • Made of high temperature resistant material
  • Highly corrosion resistant material
  • Available in all standard sizes & of any stainless steel material

Exhaust Flexible Pipe

Stainless steel flexible exhaust pipe

Stainless steel 304 flexible exhaust pipe to decrease engine noise and vibration

12 sizes flexible exhausted pipe available: 
32mm / 1.1/4inch i.d. 
35mm / 1.3/8inch i.d. 
38mm / 1.1/2inch i.d. 
41mm / 1.5/8inch i.d. 
44mm / 1.3/4inch i.d. 
47mm / 1.7/8inch i.d. 
50mm / 2inch i.d. 
54mm / 2.1/8inch i.d. 
57mm / 2.1/4inch i.d. 
60mm / 2.3/8inch i.d. 
63mm / 2.1/2inch i.d. 
69mm / 2.3/4inch i.d. 

Stainless Steel ISO/TS16949 Certificate flex exhaust hose

Stainless Steel Iso/ts16949 Certificate Exhaust Flexpipe