Stainless steel vs. Titanium

Stainless steel vs. Titanium, which one is better?

 Stainless steel plates compared to Titanium

1. Titanium plates

An environmentally-conscious alternative

Titanium plates are an environmentally-conscious solution for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Titanium plates eliminate the disposal and associated costs of harmful nitric and citric acid used during the passivation of stainless steel.

2. Benefits of titanium plates

  1. Highest purity Grade 1 titanium
  2. Iron-free solution
  3. Readily available material provides for a cost-effective solution
  4. Single-pressed plate option results in less fatigue
  5. All channel plates are washed during the stamping process
  6. Alternative to other electro-polished stainless steel material

3. Difference appearance between stainless steel and titanium by photo:

 Titanium rings and stainless steel rings are both strong and stylish. This photos is included 2 of them.  Another stainless steel curved barbell photos for you here


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