Cooking with Stainless Steel Cookware

Cooking with Stainless Steel Cookware

If you're thinking to experiment your cooking with stainless steel cookware, consider the following suggestions:

Choose a high quality/heavy-duty stainless steel cookware 
If you don't want to have the whole cookware set, look for a pot or pan that fits your needs, but choose high quality, heavy-duty.  Heavy-duty stainless steel cookware provides better cooking performance as it endures high heat and has better heat conduction.  Also, make sure to check if the pot or pan is oven-safe.  Most of the heavy-duty stainless steel cookware could be used in the oven, but make sure to check so you don't be disappointed later.

Use appropriate cooking temperature 
Pay attention when cooking.  Avoid putting your pot or pan on high temperature or low temperature at the beginning as high heat might brown the food too quick (especially meat) before it's cooked, and low heat will take a longer time to make it hot.  Before cooking, put your empty pot or pan on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes or until you can feel the hot air when putting the hand over it.  By then the pot or pan has been heated evenly and is ready for cooking.  When the empty pot/pan is hot, put enough oil or butter to cover the base then reduce the heat and start frying or sauté your favorite food.  Always keep in mind, "Hot pan, cold oil, food doesn't stick!"

Cooking with Stainless Steel Cookware

Clean after each use 
Be sure to clean the pot/pan after each use in order to maintain its resilient condition.  Avoid leaving salt unintentionally in stainless steel cookware as salt can eat through and destroy the protective layer of passivation that protects stainless steel from corrosion.  Using soap and warm water with soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge to scrub the cookware.  If needed, soak it in hot water for a while before cleaning.  After cleaning, always rinse it thoroughly with hot water and wipe it completely with dry towels to avoid water stains.

Start to experience your cooking with stainless steel cookware today, you'll come to like it more and more after every upcoming day.  Browse stainless steel cookware to find the set of pots and pans that fit your needs.


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