Hand Crafted Aluminum Napkin Rings

Hand Crafted Aluminum Napkin Rings

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Big Poppa Smokers Engineered Stainless Steel UDS

My Categorized Stainless Steel Jewelry Website

Hand Crafted Stainless Steel Jewelry

NW Wedding Place

Krista Dunk, of NWweddingplace.com,is passionate about wedding ideas,assisting new marriages,the Pacific Northwest, fostering creative ideas, and encouraging other women to succeed and find their personal potential.Also a great place to advertise your personal website,my jewelry blog is listed there!please inquire within.(Her clickable link is at the bottom of this page).

Stainless Steel "SOLID" Cross

Hand crafted Stainless Solid Cross small,med,large

Stainless Cosmic Ring

Hand Crafted 3mm Stainless Cosmic ring

Stainless Triple Arch Ring

Hand Crafted Triple Arch Ring 5.8mm

Hand Crafted Stainless Wedding Bands

7.5mm 5mm Stainless Wedding Bands


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