How to Use and Care for Stainless Steel Cookware

How to Use and Care for Stainless Steel Cookware

To maintain your stainless steel cookware, follow these tips to use and care for stainless steel.

Wash before first use
Before using the pots and pans for the first time, make sure to wash it in soap and hot water with a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge.  After washing, rinse it through hot water thoroughly and wipe it completely with clean dry towels.

Preheat before cooking
It is recommended that the pot or pan be preheated before cooking.  Put your pot or pan on medium heat for a few minutes until the base is hot before adding foods.

Preheat your pan as recommended before adding oil to it.  Add enough oil or butter to cover the base of your pan then add the food.  After adding the food to pan frying, let your food cooked until it reaches the achieved cooking level without disturbing.  As it's cooking, the food's natural sugars caramelized on the cooked surface developed great flavors and lift the food off the cooking surface naturally. 

Sticking prevention
To prevent sticking when frying or sauté, pay attention at the set heat.  This will vary depends on what type of stove you're using.  When adding your food into frying pan, listen for a sizzling sound when it touches the pan.  This indicates that the pan is hot enough and that the food is cooking as it makes contact, and that a natural barrier is created to prevent sticking.  If the frying sound is more cracking than sizzling when the food initially in contact with the pan, it indicates that the heat is too high and sticking may occur.  Aluminium or copper-based stainless steel pan has good heat conduction when preheated, thus it is best to maintain medium or medium-low heat when frying.  Also, sticking may occur if your frying pan is not clean.  Make sure the pan is clean when preheating it before frying. 

Cooking with salt
Because salt can destroy the protective layer of passivation that protects stainless steel and leave stains on the cookware which diminishes its beauty, add salt after the food has started to cook or bring the liquid to boiling before adding salt and stir well.

Cause of discoloration

Overheating stainless steel cookware might cause brown stains on its surface.  Burnt food, if not removed, will cause discoloration when the pot or pan is reheated.  Mineral solids in water leave water marks on stainless cookware which will also cause discoloration.

In order to avoid damaging, never put hot pot or pan directly to cold water.  Allow it to cool down before cleaning.  Clean stainless steel cookware after each use with soap and hot/warm water using soft cloth or sponge.  After cleaning, rinse the pot or pan thoroughly with hot water and wipe completely it with clean dry towels.

Understanding the proper ways how to use and care for stainless steel cookware, at no time you'll be experiencing the joy of cooking with stainless.  To find your favorite pots and pans, click stainless steel cookware today!


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