Polishing Stainless Steel Cookware

How often do you polish your stainless steel cookware?

Polishing Stainless Steel Cookware

With proper use and care, stainless steel cookware will remain its glossy looking and appear as new as it was first used.  Polishing the pots and pans is one element to maintain its beautiful appearance.  After washing the pots and pans, you can polish the pots and pans by using stainless steel polish found at local stores or online.  However, you can always use baking soda to polish your favorite stainless cookware by following these easy steps.
After cooking, wash the pot or pan to remove all accumulated food at the bottom, on the side and around the handle.  Use soft dish washcloth or non-abrasive sponge with soap and warm water to scrub the food off.  It is best to soak the pot or pan in warm water before scrubbing.  Scrub the pot or pan until food residues are completely gone.

Turn the pot or pan around and look for any remaining stains.   Mix baking soda with water to a paste form and scrub it over the stain areas.  It's not a bad idea to leave the soda paste over the stains for a while before scrubbing.  Continue scrubbing the soda paste over the stains with non-abrasive sponge or soft dish washcloth until the stains are completely gone.  Stubborn stains may be difficult to remove.  Try a few times to make the stains lighter and keep scrubbing until the stains disappear.

Polishing Stainless Steel Cookware

When the stains are all gone, wash the pots and pans thoroughly with hot water and wipe the pots and pans completely with a dry clean towel.

It is important to polish stainless steel pots and pans routinely in order to keep its sparkle appearance.  To reduce the presence of stubborn stains, be sure to wash the pots and pans thoroughly after each use.  This will also help the polishing task be completed in a more enjoyable fashion.


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