Stainless Steel vs Copper Tubing benefits

An interesting study on the benefits of Copper vs Stainless steel tubing is available in the site

“According to NORA study, one of the keys to maximize fuel performance is characterizing oil sludge and determining its possible contribution… Deposits found in copper tubing consisted of oxidized fuel. The clogging of copper fuel lines was one of the problems discovered, as the study found solid black particles that adhered to tube surface.

Cooper has also been known to accelerate fuel-degradation process, forming particulates. On the other hand, far fewer solid and gum were produced by fuel when exposed to steel and stainless steel. The reports recommend using steel piping materials wherever it is feasible.”

Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar in concrete

An Innovative Plumbing System

For the first time in India, the new Press Fitting design of Stainless Steel Plumbing system has been introduced.

This innovative system has following advantages:
1. Hygienic
2. Long maintenance free life
3. Easy to install - no welding or threading or brazing or heating or solution
4. No skilled labor- reduced plumbing cost
5. Fast to install - enables project on schedule
6. Improves building life
7. Cost effective during the life-cycle of the building

A detailed Presentation and a video is available at the link:


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