Stainless Steel vs White Appliances

Stainless Steel vs  White Appliances

Canadian House and Home

I can't tell you how many episodes of House Hunters I've watched in my life. Too many. The more that I've watched, I'm gonna be honest...I get so annoyed with the people on it. I feel like I can pretty much predict everything they're going to say. "This room's a little tight...", "Hmm not so sure about the paint color..." (I always want to say, "But wait do you know that you can paint the walls?")

But the worst of the worst for me is when they obsess over having two things: Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Why? I mean yes, I'm all for stainless steel. And granite is fine. But every time I hear someone say that the kitchen *needs* to have granite and stainless steel, I just wonder why that's a requirement to them. I found this picture today on Canadian House and Home, and initially just loved the cabinets, ceiling detail, and overall feel of the room. And then I noticed something.


But wait, is that allowed? What would the House Hunters think of that? In this case, I honestly don't think they'd care, or at least they shouldn't because these white appliances look like a dream in this kitchen, do they not? I think the key in this space was having the cabinets painted just as bright white as the appliances.

Maybe I wouldn't normally choose white appliances over stainless steel, but after seeing this, maybe I actually would in some cases! If nothing else, it has been proven to me that there IS a way to make white appliances look beyond awesome in a space.

Here's a couple more inspiring kitchens that are sporting white appliances:


Style and Home

Coastal Living
So, what do you guys think? Could you live with white appliances in these spaces, or would you be hoping to update them to stainless steel as soon as possible?


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