Tips to Keep Stainless Steel Cookware Last

Tips to Keep Stainless Steel Cookware Last

If you've been looking for tips to maintain your stainless steel cookware, consider the following suggestions to keep your favorite pot or pan last.

Routine Cleaning
If your stainless steel pot or pan has been in storage for a while and is covered with dust, wipe the dust off by using soft cloth and warm water.  If you use your pot or pan daily, after each use always remember to clean it with warm water and soap with soft cloth or sponge.  For more aggressive cleaning, use detergent with warm water and non-scratch sponge or soft clean cloth.  To remove food stain from stainless steel cookware, use a small amount of vinegar added the scouring powder.  When done cleaning, remember to rinse the pot or pan in clean hot water and wipe it with dry towels.

Stubborn stains
When the stains are difficult to scrub off, consider using 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish or household cleaners.  Household cleaners are divided into two categories - detergent (non-abrasive) and abrasive cleaners. The abrasive cleaners are more effective but will probably introduce the possibility of scratching the surface of the stainless steel cookware.  Therefore, a neutral cleaner low in chloride is strongly suggested for the use of cleaning pot or pan.  Lightly rub your preferred cleaner on your stainless steel cookware using dry damp cloth until the stains come off.  When finish rubbing, always rinse the cookware in clean hot water and wipe it completely with dry towels.

Burnt food 
When burnt food cannot be removed easily, consider to use Scotch-Brite Power Pad 2001, Easy-Off, De-Grease-It or 5% to 15% caustic soda solution.  These are excellent removal and useful when rubbing cannot be applied.  As always, after each cleaning remember to rinse the stainless steel cookware in hot water thoroughly and wipe it with dry towels.  Even though using the cleaners labeled with "for stainless steel", it is not guaranteed that the product is not abrasive or low in chloride.

The simplest and safest way to clean stainless steel cookware is to wash it with warm water and soap using a soft clean cloth.  Avoid cleaning your stainless steel cookware with chloride-containing detergents.  Be sure to rinse the cookware after cleaning through hot clean water and wipe it with clean dry towels.  Maintain the stainless steel cookware clean either while in storage or being used is essential in order to help keeping its maximum corrosion resistance as stainless steel surface will thrive with frequent cleaning.  The final act of rinse the cookware through hot water and dry it with clean towels completes the process and eliminates the possibility of water stains.

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