Stainless Steel vs. White Appliances

Stainless Steel vs. White Appliances

Stainless Steel vs. White Appliances

House to Home

Stainless steel became the surface to aspire to in kitchen design a few decades ago, causing those with white appliances to question whether they need to "upgrade" or wait it out until white makes a comeback.
Well, that time may be now. White is definitely making a comeback, giving consumers an option to stainless.


I love white appliances.
It is a clean look that looks fabulous, especially when paired with white cabinets.
White appliances have been the standard forever. Until the harvest gold and avocado green of the 60's made them seem outdated.

Style at Home

But white appliances will never be outdated. I think it's a matter of preference these days.
That's because stainless steel isn't for everyone, and the professional kitchen look isn't for everyone.
The new white today is glossy, not textured. It is sleek.

They both have their maintenance issues; white gets dirty easily and stainless scratches easily.
Although I have stainless now, I can see a day in the next house, or next life when I may choose glossy white!

If I were in charge at Viking, Sub-zero, Wolf or any other manufacturer, I would be offering that option to consumers. Viking already does, as does Electrolux, Miele, Kitchenaid and others.

Are white appliances the new stainless?

Do you see the love affair with stainless appliances coming to an end?
Talk to me...


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