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A nice friend who come in my blog and ask me where he can by a stair handrail on the wall. I found that there are many people who want to decorate their home but do not know where to buy stainless steel material or how can to install stainless equipment to their house. Here is my friend's email

I'm sorry to bother you but I thought maybe you could help me. My husband and I bought our first home and need to install a stair handrail on the wall.
Our tastes tend toward modern and I have been scouring places for something non-wood or traditional...
I loved these that I saw on this blog. Do you know if they are available for purchase or where I could inquire?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Take care,
The URL where I found them is:

Where to buy Stainless steel handrail or Banister End for Stainless steel handrails

First you should image what kind of Stainless steel hand rail which suit for your home. I have so many samples of it in my blog. You can check samples here: 

When you find out the best one for your home, you can buy it here: (Note: A litle commision for Amazon will pay for me if you buy this kind of product through my link, and if you buy through this link, I am truly thanks for your buying)

How to install stainless steel hand rail on your wall:

This installation is so easy with driller and some screw. I think you can do it yourself easily. See this video you can understand how to install it.

Other stainless steel handrail which is suit for your home. This kind of handrail I suggest you to find a contractor in your region and they can make a best hand rail for yours.

Rectangular wall mount stainless steel

Rectangular section stainless steel banister handrail with flat ends

40mm Square Section Stainless Steel Banister Handrail with Flat Ends.

Quadrant Handrail in Satin Stainless Steel


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