Stainless Pipe Cutting

Stainless Pipe Cutting

Stainless Pipe Cutting
Stainless Pipe Cutting

stainless steel pipe cutting

Stainless steel is an assortment of several steel materials for the purpose of decay level of resistance. The main component is an assortment of at least 12% chromium. When along with Fresh air it forms a inactive movie part immune to decay and spots.

Stainless steel pipe is consisting of a nonferrous steel. This makes the pipe challenging to cut and routine with traditional tools. Different pipe qualities and thicknesses increase these complications.

Cutting Stainless-steel Pipes

When stainless steel pipe knives contact a stainless steel pipe it solidifies thus making it challenging to cut. If the stainless pipe over warms while reducing the pipe may tarnish or possibly change the pipe.

Steps To Cut Stainless-steel Pipe Directly and Burr-Free

Conventional, burr-free, straight reduces are achieved as described below:

Cut the stainless steel pipe

Using a regular grinding machine rock rim de-burr the pipe

With cable rim on regular grinding machine fresh the sides of the tube

Sand the pipe with a sander until its flat

Clean with a cable wheel

TIG weld it to the other pipe

Repetition of some of the above actions may be required to make sure the cut is smooth and burr 100 % free. Very time intensive.

Cutting Stainless-steel Pipe joints - Two Suggested Methods

Orbital Pipe Saw

Orbital pipe saw is a suggested method to cut and bevel stainless steel pipes.The saw knives are small, move at high-speed, affordable, and available in different editions for different materials and wall thicknesses.

Cutting is implemented by personally spinning the machine real estate 360 degree around the pipe. Next, with a round toothed knife, the pipe is cut with a single spinning. The reducing action takes minutes and end result is an upright and fresh cut.


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