Stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties

The invention of cable ties by Robert Thomas and Hobert Betts in 1898 has been of great use till this date and with the span of time we do witness splendid enhancements in the structure and durability of cable tie. 

 This innovation was more of a work of art than a creation by engineers which they both were. The main purpose of a tie is to hold together an assortment or bundle of wires. However, in today's world the use has been made more diverse with cable ties being used by police and military to tie the hands of criminals, and it really is tough to break free without getting wounds on the wrist.

These cable tie is available in various colours and as there are colours codes specified for them. However, the colour, black is the most acceptably and frequently used for outdoor purposes. Whereas, the blue ones are made of 'Halar' and used for places which are rich in radiation and red ties are linked with plenum.

Other than colour, cable ties are also available in various other materials and categories. Some of these include 'miniature cable tie', 'heavy duty cable tie', 'extra heavy duty cable tie', 'standard cable tie', 'intermediate cable tie' etcetera.

Miniature cable ties are used for the application of objects weighing below 18 lbs and those which are sensitive while handling. On the other hand, heavy duty cable tie can wrap objects that weigh up to 120 lbs; their measurement varies from 8 inches to 28 inches. 

 It depends on the number of objects to be tied together and the accumulated weight as to which length of heavy duty cable tie is to be used.

Similarly, extra heavy duty ties are very useful for tying up weights going as high as 175 lbs and they can be as long as a total length of 60 inches. Moreover, there is even a type of cable tie known as extra heavy duty lashing tie which is made specifically for the purpose of holding things together having a weight of 250 lbs.

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Releasable cable ties are reusable and can further be found in two sub categories; namely, 'trigger release' and 'pawl release'. They are used for modifications later on in items that are already tied so that more could be added or pulled out. 
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 On the other hand, one can even find restricted bundle cable ties available in the market and even for sale on the internet. This type of ties forms a specific type of loop that is fixed and if fiddled with during shipment or transit can become very evident.

 The first way to observe any defect during journey would be very prominent through these restricted bundle cable tie once damaged. These ties are very effective in preventing pilferage to packages and boxes.

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Likewise, standard cable ties are also available in many colours among which black, red and natural are very common. They can hold weights up to 50 lbs and are also widely used for domestic purposes. Similarly, intermediate ties are used by people who want to tie batches of 40 lbs products.

All of these cable ties except releasable and restricted bundles have the same procedure of wrapping, extending to a required tension and cutting. Moreover, a lot of colour variations are available including fluorescents. 
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 However, for applications that are extra sensitive to environment, there are special Tefzel Fluoropolymer and Halar ties.

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Other varieties include 'three hook cable tiess', 'light' and 'strong strength cable ties' which are similar to standard and heavy duty cable ties. However, 'three hook cable ties' is a patented design and very few companies offer it.

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Stainless steel cable ties

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Stainless steel cable ties

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Stainless steel cable ties