Stainless steel rectangular tubing

Stainless steel rectangular tubing

Features and Benefits of Different Types of Stainless steel rectangular tubing

The use of these Stainless steel rectangular tubing in construction is increasing because of a number of useful properties. It is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperature because of the presence of chromium. The tubes made up of stainless steel are closes structures available in different shapes like round, square and rectangular. 

 Though the initial cost on the tube is high, but they are efficient and cost effective in the long run. There are different types of tubes available each having use in a particular area. This post provides information about the different types of tubes and their applications.

Heat Exchanger Stainless steel  Tubes

The heat exchange tubes made up of stainless steel are used in a number of industries including chemical and gas processing. The use of these in heat exchanger tubes makes them appropriate material for the heating and evaporation processes carried out in these industries. It makes the tube resistant to harmful chemicals and string acids used in the production process.

U Bend Stainless steel  Tubes

The U bend tubes are used in boiler tubes and condensers. The presence of U shape is intentional and it results in efficient transfer of heat between the tubes. The use of stainless steel as the material of construction makes the tubes stringer and durable. As a result the chances of occurrence of any leakage are eliminated.

Stainless steel High Pressure Tubes

The high pressure tubes are meant for hydraulic systems. The most important requirement of these types of tubes is the ability to withstand high pressure. This is where stain less steel scores over other alternatives as a material of construction. The high pressure tubes are available in different sizes to meet the demands of various industries.

Duplex Stainless steel  Tubes

The duplex Stainless steel rectangular tubing are used in oil and natural gas industry. These tubes are characterized by the ability to with stand very high pressures. Moreover, these tubes are also resistant to various chemicals and corrosive mediums used in oil industry.Other Varieties of Stainless steel rectangular tubing
 There are some other popular varieties of the tubes that are used for commercial or home needs. For example the austenitic Stainless steel rectangular tubing are used in industrial piping because of high ductility and weldability. On the other hand ferritic tubes are used in house- wares. The martensitic tubes containing 10% chromium are used in turbines because of magnetic properties.

The popularity of steel tubes is on continuous rise in both homes and offices. The availability of these pipes in different sizes offers a lot of flexibility to the users. So far as the performance is concerned, it simply defeats the other alternatives present in the market.

 You cannot get the same level of resistance and durability offered by any other material. Though it might appear to be costly to few people, the peace on mind provided by its use makes it worth buying. Just think of the headache you may have to experience in case of leakage after using any other cheap material.