Stainless steel square tube

Stainless steel square tube

Stainless steel has become the base of every industry, Images of stainless steel square tube for you

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Ranging from construction unit to home & kitchen appliances, electronics to automobiles, mobile phones to television sets, and almost everywhere, S S is used in almost every industry.
On the other hand, stainless steel features such as corrosion resistance tendency, along with low maintenance and development costs.

The demand of S S products has seen a lot of transactional movements in a recent period of time, especially when it comes to industrial purposes.

Industries are always searching for quality stainless steel products that are in-budget and can match their standards.
But the requirement of S S product differs from industry to industry and company to company, and so are their standards.
S S wires are one such stainless steel products which are used in various industries around the world.
These wires are available in different sizes, shapes, compositions and grades to meet the different industrial requirements.

S S flat wires and shape wires are the two major profiles of stainless steel wires. Below is the brief overview on both of them.

S S Flat Wire

Stainless steel flat wire is a durable, rust free, sturdy and highly corrosion resistant form of S S wires. The demand of stainless steel flat wires is in leaps and bounds in the modern construction industries. It is made with the element Molybdenum (Mo) which makes it highly corrosion resistant and best suitable for areas containing high chloride level. In other words it is best suitable and used in the construction units containing road salts and high chloride.
Overall it makes the construction highly durable that can last long and can withstand many calamities. It also allows the industries to reduce the maintenance and repairing costs. Besides, S S flat wires can also be used in frames, braces and base plates.

Stainless Steel Shape Wire

Stainless steel shape wires are generally used for welding purposes. They are also known as solid profiles, allows achieving cross-sections and complex geometries. 
These wires are manufactured from high carbon steel, S S and mild steel wires based on the industry or client's specific requirements. Additionally, they are available in various shapes and sizes including Flat, Square, Triangular, Rectangle, Diamond, Oval, Tear Drop, etc. and can be supplied in annealed and bright finish. 
These wires are used in array of applications such as automobile sector for the manufacturing of circlips, washers, springs, arms, wiper, blades, auto cables (outer and inner), kitchen accessories, utensils, etc.


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