Stainless-steel tube welding is gravy work. Always has been.

Stainless-steel tube welding is gravy work. Always has been.

Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

Always will be.

If you can do it and do it well, you are the man and you will never go starving. But it requires some interest to details to do it right.

The primary factor that distinguishes the men from the young children or should I say, the actual welders from the rod burning is the desire to adhere to techniques for welding stainless steel. Procedures like awaiting the tube to awesome in between goes, maintaining the hot tip of the rod guarded with argon, snipping the tip of the tig welding rod when it gets crapped up, maintaining your tungsten distinct.

One of the primary techniques I am referring to is PURGE. Stainless-steel definitely has to be cleared with argon gas to avoid sugaring. Sugaring is also known as granulation but it is serious corrosion regardless of what you contact it.

You cant even get away with equipment welding without an argon purge that secure the returning part or within of the tube. So how do you do it? How do you secure the returning part with argon?

Usually it is done with steel duct record. The finishes of a stainless-steel tube are recorded closed and the whole within is cleared with argon gas. Even the starting in the tube combined itself is recorded so that argon can complete the whole tube and force out any fresh air. The record is peeled returning just enough to get a equipment once the tube is purge enough.

What is enough? The only way to tell for sure is with an fresh air analyzer. A bic less heavy will not do the key. Even 2% fresh air material will strike out a bic less heavy. And 2% fresh air will outcome in a dark primary complete.

There are some other down and unclean methods to examine the purge but an fresh air analyzer is the sure way.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you get a excellent purge on the stainless-steel tube you weld.

Create sure there is no water within the tube...not even a fall. One individual fall of water will toss a goof wrench in your getting rid of until it disappears. Keep in mind what is in water? Hydrogen and fresh air.

Stick a release starting in the top position you can find. Think of argon as if it was water. Because it is bulkier than air, it will complete up any area like water, displacing the air as it fills up every area.

More purge gas circulation is not always better. A high and strong circulation of argon will not actually purge a tube faster than a reduced circulation amount. And a diffuser / extractor on the end of the end of your argon water hose usually allows you to use a greater circulation amount. A home created diffuser / extractor can be created with some stainless-steel steel created of wool , some pierced stainless-steel piece, and a bit of piece steel.

Once you confirm a excellent purge, you are prepared to equipment. Stem the record returning just enough to equipment and let awesome a bit and re record. Then equipment again 180 levels apart. Proceed until all tacks are in position.

More guidelines for welding stainless-steel tube...

  • Resting an 1/8 inches cable in the primary performs better than dropping a 3/32 inches rod.
  • Use a feather advantage bevel. No area needed
  • You can fix places that do not go through by re welding
  • Use only stainless-steel tube cable licks and only use information that have only been used on stainless-steel steel.
  • Use just enough amperage. Using too much amperage will get too hot the stainless-steel steel make factors go southern fast.


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