316lvm stainless steel or implant grade titanium

316lvm stainless steel or implant grade titanium

What did my piercer mean when he...?
My piercer wrote 14g 55-curved barbell or he might have meant 55. curved barbell? Its hard to tell...the piercing is on my hood (VCH piercing) and I wanted to buy some new bars and balls but I don't know what length it is....its healed and it dangles a little further it is fine but im planning to go a little smaller on the length not by much just enough so its closer...

Melted in a vacuum furnace to reduce as many impurities as possible, this alloy is a derivative of straight 316 grade and is also low carbon, known as “L-grade”.
L-grade tubing exhibits reduced carbide precipitation for applications where the tubing will be welded during fabrication into a final product.
Often, the vacuum melt version is selected by customers with specific requirements for purity of the base metal in addition to maintaining a low carbon chemistry.
Its most common application is typically medical. 

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Answer by Roscoe159
14g refers to the thickness of the shaft of the barbell. You should make sure that any new jewelry you buy is 14g so that it fits comfortably in your piercing. I've no way to be sure, but I think the "55" is actually "SS", which stands for "stainless steel", the material the jewelry is made of. Look for jewelry made of either 316lvm stainless steel or implant grade titanium.

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