Add properties to the alloy steel

Add properties to the alloy steel

I want to know if it is possible to make regular steel "stainless". From what I understand stainless consist of chromium about 10 percent I think. Any way I'm wondering if properties can be added in a process or can this only be possible during actual manufacturing of the steel. And I'm not talking about chrome like stainless steel that's not to shiny.
I was figuring that ghost rider so you really can't add properties to the alloy steel. But I assume if some somehow there can be a conducting process like how people dip it to not sure

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Answer by Ghost Rider
no an alloy essentiallly does not exibit its constituent properties
if you want to add anymore the thing should be molten and hot and homogenous homogenous being the key word
and no ss essentiallly mean that thing only

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