Are there any problems with stainless steel jewelry?

Are there any problems with stainless steel jewelry?

I ordered a ring online; the site said it was silver but when I got it I discovered it was actually stainless steel. I find it uncool of them to have sold a piece of jewelry by giving false information, but I really like the design of the ring so I don't wanna send it back. But I've never had stainless steel jewelry before. What problems might I have with it? Is steel dangerous for the body in ANY way? Does it break down fast? Is there ANYTHING wrong with it?

Oh yeah. And the writing on the inside of the ring says "7# stainless steel" - am I correct to assume that "7#" is the size of said ring?

Thanks in advance :)

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Answer by kiminji
As far as I know stainless steel is ok. It doesn't rust or whatever and leave that bluish green mark on you after wearing it for a while. The number 7 on the ring is most likely the size. The stainless steel ring should be ok for you.

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