Are there any Stainless Steel Through-hull; valves and fittings?

Are there any Stainless Steel "Through-hull" valves and fittings?

I know many through-hulls are made of bronze, but I cant recall any made of SS. Im sure there around. There is an abundance of Stainless above the waterline, why not below as well?

wouldnt they be preferred to bronze or are there other corrosion issues with them?
Ive checked around, there are a lot of comments regarding corrosion, but no specifics.

In the past Ive seen boats for sale with 1-1/2 to 2" SS prop shafts and rudder shafts....are these at risk too?

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Answer by Imaka
You can certainly get stainless through-hull fittings, but generally bronze is preferred to stainless steel because of the corrosion issues with stainless. When I first went sailing I thought that stainless would be better. My husband explained that below the waterline bronze is much preferred.

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