Best way to store swords and knives?

Question by ARC: Best way to store swords and knives?

I'm going to be leaving the country for about a year and I need to store my swords and daggers while I'm gone.
They'll be left at my parent's house in a climate controlled environment (my sister's bedroom actually) but I want to pack them up so they don't get dusty or rusty.


Before packing them I'm going to clean them but I'm wondering if packing newspaper around them is a bad idea or not.

Most are stainless steel "I look cool but I'm not worth much" types so I'm not terribly worried about them - a few are worth several hundred dollars though and I want to make sure I'm not ruining them.

Any tips?

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Answer by 1Conehead
stainless shouldn't be a problem,best bet is to wrap them in old towels or rags with a light coat of WD 40 ,careful with the handles though.

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