Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel ?

Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel ?

I was reading about the Colt 38 Super Custom and it said it's optional between a carbon steel frame or a stainless steel frame. What is the difference?

There is also a choice between aluminium or stainless steel hammers and triggers can you also tell me the difference between them please?
And what's the point of a combat hammer instead of a normal spur hammer?
The difference between spur hammer combat hammer question has been answered so don't worry about it.

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Answer by Fatefinger
Carbon steel is harder but does not resist corrision as well. It really depend on the grade. Like 440A is crap and 440C is much better. Aluminum would be the way to go. It is lighter and just as if not stronger. Some people will be die hards when it comes to either metal. I don;t know much about the guns. I know plenty about different grades of sttel when I collected swords and knives.

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