Help needed for materials Parrot toys!?

Help needed for materials Parrot toys!?

I've spent a long time looking for materials in order to make toys for my parakeets, I've found some of the materials in shops, but I can't find many of the materials I really need! I would be really happy if someone could tell me well known Stores in England (such as Wickes, Homebase, Argos etc.) to buy the following materials;
- Cotton or Sisal rope
- Stainless Steel welded chains
- Plastic chains
- Plastic or stainless steel "C" chain links

Thanks again for all help given (: Of course, I will give best answer points to the answer that really helped :D

Best answer:
Answer by Get Going
I bet you can get help for finding the materials above through bird organizations in the uk - here are some links that maybe helpful

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