i bought some tongue jewelry from hot topic.?

I bought some tongue jewelry from hot topic.?

they say its solid steel. is that same as surgical stainless steel? cause people say theres certain metal you shouldnt use for piercings. at least for new piercings. and mine is new-3 days old. is it ok to use my new "solid steel" one to replace the extra long one i have in now when the swelling goes down? thank you. please no guessing, answer only if you know what your talking about. if your answering just for points, just tell me, youll still get your precious points. sad sad sad.

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Answer by Diane
if you've only had your tongue pierced for 3 days, don't change the bar yet for a couple weeks (i waited a month, i changed the balls but kept the bar in), and hot topic's tongue rings are fine. i suggest getting plastic balls though with a metal bar. plastic bars don't feel right and although plastic balls hold more bacteria, metal balls will chip your teeth. also don't get the fuzzy tickler balls, i got those once and when i woke up in the morning, they all came off the ball and were in the back of my throat!

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