Interested in buying Rukia Kuchiki's zanpakuto

Question by some guy i don't know.: Interested in buying Rukia Kuchiki's zanpakuto?

So i found this sword on ebay, and i've been looking around for a while and im interested in buying rukia kuchiki's zakpakuto from the anime series, Bleach. I would like it to be "battle ready" and im trying to find one made out of carbon steel, so that the blade wont break easily, like stainless steel does. the only thing im worried about, from this sword i found was that it said "Low temper carbon steel" and im not sure if "low temper carbon steel" is good, or if its just slightly better than stainless. thanks for the help, this is the link

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Answer by AkiraAsylum
I don't really know why you need a "battle ready" metal zanpakuto but as you wish.

I don't know the difference in metals but I found a site.

Try here:

They have a wooden one and a stainless steel one.

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