Is it ok to put Extra Light 80/20 bronze acoustic strings on aSpanish guitar?

Is it ok to put Extra Light 80/20 bronze acoustic strings on aSpanish guitar?

I have a Spanish guitar -- I'm not exactly sure what type it is but on the inside it says:
"constructores de guitaras classicas
mod. 112, España"

It had regular classical strings on it when I got it, I think (3 nylons and 3 copper/bronze), but when I went to buy replacement strings the only ones left were 80/20 Bronze alloy Earthwood Extra Light acoustic guitar strings.

My friend started replacing them and then stopped because he wasn't sure if acoustic bronze strings would be alright on a Spanish guitar. He said that it could possibly warp the neck of the guitar since Spanish/classical guitars aren't meant to hold steel strings and the tension might be too much for it.

I've been Googling and such but can't find an answer. I've read in a lot of places that steel strings shouldn't be put on a Spanish guitar, but I can't find anything clear about bronze strings...I'd like to put these strings on if it won't hurt my guitar, I just wanna make sure that it won't.
The strings are Extra Light, again, so I thought that might make them fine to put on the guitar.

Does anyone know more about this and have any advice for me? The closet guitar professional is about an hour's drive away and I'd rather not waste the gas and cash to go get it inspected. Thanks!


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Answer by Justin
You could but I personally wouldn't keep them on for too long :)

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