Is this a Big enough cage?

Question by Joween: Is this a Big enough cage?

I'm probably going to adopt
An African grey, is this cage big enough for one?

If not what is? And what else would I need to buy to add on to the cage for the bird?

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Answer by M2MM
That's actually a flight cage for small birds (cockatiels, budgies, etc.)

Although adequate in size for a temporary cage or short-term accommodations, the size of the bars and bar spacing is much too small for an African Grey. Most parrots will chew on their cage bars, especially if they are rather small in diameter. This in turn causes the paint to flake off and the bird can accidentally ingest the paint and any zinc that's still attached (they coat wire "bars" with zinc before painting.)

You really should consider a parrot cage with bar spacing of 3/4" to 1" apart. The bars will also be larger and stronger, which will dissuade most parrots from chewing on them.

A much more appropriate cage would be this one:


Cage furnishings should include:
- a spiral perch (aka "Boing")
- rope perches (2 or 3)
- one cement perch (for in front of the water dish)
- 3 to 5 hanging toys (destroyable preferred) made from coconut shell pieces, sisal rope, heavy oyster shells, braided palm leaf, thick cotton rope, wooden (unfinished) beads and blocks, clean corrugated cardboard, "popsicle" sticks, stainless steel chain and hardware (much safer than zinc or nickel plated hardware)
- stainless steel "pipe" bell (very safe, and lots of fun to "beat up")
- additional treat bowls (lock-in type)
- calcium chew bar or bowl
- foraging wheel or similar device so that your bird can "work" for his treats

You'll also want to check out the online African Grey forums available. They are free to join and can provide you with a wealth of information and assistance. :)

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