Is This Burberry Watch Real Or Fake?

Is This Burberry Watch Real Or Fake?

I hve this burberry watch, its small, rectangled shape, the staped are the burberry design, inside the glass is a rectangle with burberry design that says CTNY in it, at the bottom of the glass it says japan movt, and on the bac of the watch its a pic of sine buldings n uts sayd CTNY again? If its not burberry wat type of watch is it?

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How to Spot a Fake Burberry Watch

Jul 8, 2011 / By Rob Wagner


Burberry watches are mid-range timepieces but exude understated chic when complementing the much more expensive and equally vital component to any ensemble, the Burberry handbag. If you match a check engraved rectangular watch with a $ 4,000 Burberry Haymarket alligator clutch bag, absolutely no one will notice the Burberry watch cost only $ 430. That's why Burberry watches are a favorite target for counterfeiters. They produce timepieces that mimic the real thing to match Burberry accessories but look decidedly cheap upon closer inspection. Not only will that genuine Burberry bag outshine the fake watch, but it will accentuate its many embarrassing flaws.

Visit a Burberry shop at an upscale mall and have the shopkeeper present the wide range of watches in stock. Ask the clerk for a jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass to inspect the dial and case back. Familiarize yourself with the real deal. Ask the dealer for the certificate and warranty card. All legitimate Burberry watches come with documentation. Consider the price: Burberrys sell from $ 350 and higher. There is no such thing as a $ 100 Burberry.

Inspect the dial with the jeweler's loupe. A fake often features a shiny, bright dial that hints of a plastic face. A Burberry timepiece has a softer, less harsh presentation. It's kind of like wearing theatrical makeup when a little blush and eyeliner will do the trick. Cheap harlot versus elegant sophisticate.

Examine the "Burberry" name embossed under 12 o'clock. It should be clear and crisp Burberry font. Believe it or not, fakes often spell Burberry wrong, such as "Berberry," to avoid legal hassles. Who's going to notice the misspelled name standing 3 feet from your wrist? Well, no one, but you will know. Under 6 o'clock on the dial are the words "Swiss Made." This is the genuine article. If it reads simply "Swiss" or "Swiss Mov't," it's as fake as a lip syncing auto-tuned pop star.

Flip the watch face down in the palm of your hand and examine the case back. The Burberry name should be engraved on the back. The case also should have "Stainless Steel" engraved. Fakes do not have the Burberry name on the back and cases often are made of cheap composite metals with a chrome layer.

Inspect the bracelet of the Burberry watch. One of the nicest features of Burberry watches is the intricate patterns of the bracelet design to match or complement the dial and case. For example, Burberry's Pyramid Bracelet watch features a metallic-colored face with a pyramid pattern that matches a multi-link stainless steel pyramid-designed bracelet. It's a prominent feature among many ladies watches. Fakes copy the pyramid design with graphics on a chromed bracelet instead of shaped stainless links.

Things You'll Need

1.Jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass

Tips & Tricks

To guarantee that you buy a genuine Burberry watch, purchase it only at a Burberry outlet or Burberry's online store. Independent online sellers will not guarantee the authenticity of their watches.

The quality of fakes improves with each passing year. Don't be lulled into buying a pretty thing without first investigating what a real Burberry looks and feels like.

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