Is this prickly feeling normal on belly button piercings?

Is this prickly feeling normal on belly button piercings?

Okay so it looks fine on the outside, but there's a slight prickly feeling i get when i move a little or stretch :( I'm really worried. I only use betadine to clean it, and drink antibiotic twice a day, cause that's what my piercer recommended me. I'm too afraid to soak it with sea salt and water, for it may rust the ring. Im not even sure if this my piercer used stainless steel or that "surgical steel" thing. I dont even know what that is? :( I need help. Any professionals here who can help me about it? I'm kinda worrying a little too much :)) I wish that's normal. Haha. Please answer all my questions. Desperately need some help at this time. I just need exact and helpful answers :( I'm really worried. I'm not sure if it's healing on the inside because i dont soak it with sea salt water, like i said i'm too afraid the ring might rust :( thanks everyone.
Btw, i just had it pierced 2days ago :(

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Answer by *Tinkerbell*
ive had my belly button done since i was 15 im 22 now and its been through two kids, but anywho when i got mine done i was told to rinse it with salt water that is warm and i did it with a saltwater mix in a small glass and held it to my stomach and then swished the cup so it cleaned it i then dried it with a clean soft towel that i dabbed on it to dry the area, when they pierced your belly button they should have done it with surgical steel and that doesn't rust so u should be fine be sure to wash the area at least three times a day to keep it from getting dirt in it and reduce risk of infection also dont use bar soap on it use liquid soap like dial antibacterial soap and move the ring up and down and turn it as u have the soap on it.. Never touch, play with or clean your piercing with dirty hands when you first get it.... hope i helped the feeling your getting is because it is trying to heal and its not being cleaned properly.

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