Jackload of stainless steel chainmail rings

Jackload of stainless steel chainmail rings

So uh, who can give me a little advice on paint?
I just bought a jackload of stainless steel chainmail rings to make a shirt. They are silver, and I want them to be gold (in fact, they HAVE to be gold). Sort of a light/pale gold color, nothing to bold or shiny.

You see, I was planning on getting some spray paint and doing it that way. Someone online was talking about how they did that. So a few questions here:

Would spray paint work, or would it chip easily?
If it chips, is there something I could spray on top to make it *not* chip?
And...should I spray the rings before or after I finish weaving the mail?

Thanks friends.Stainless Steel Chainmail,

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Answer by Tiff
You could just paint over it but it will not last very long and will look kind of bad.

The best way to paint over stainless steel is to get a good oil base paint.

but before you paint you will have to clean and degrease the steel, AND most importantly put a powder base coat over it. You can hire someone to do this but its not really all that hard to do, you just have to get some additional chemicals and google and youtube "how to powder coat stainless steel"

after you do that you simply paint it.

Considering you are working with numerous small chains it could take awhile to do this. So if you need it fast or right away you could hire someone to do this for you.

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