Men's Rings Material?

Men's Rings Material?


I'm not too familiar with the material used to make men's rings and which is the best material. Also, could anyone tell me which one's the cheapest to most expensive.

I've heard of men's "Stainless steel" rings, "Tungsten" rings, "Titanium" rings, "White Gold" rings, "Gold" rings, "Silver" rings and "Platinum" rings.

Can someone tell me the chepest to most expensive material from that list? Thanks

Ring Metal & Material Info specializes in a number of precious ring metals and contemporary ring materials including gold, platinum, diamonds, palladium, titanium, tungsten, sterling and Argentium silver, stainless steel, ceramic and cobalt chrome. While many customers have some familiarity with better known ring materials like gold and platinum, each of the materials that we carry offers its own unique set of benefits.

To help customers select the perfect wedding band or fashion ring, we have created a number of information pages about each of the ring metals and materials that we offer. Each page serves as a quick guide to a material, with information on durability, special features, maintenance and more. Because is more than just rings, we also have information on men’s jewelry items like pendants, necklaces and bracelets, as well as general information on how to clean jewelry, diamond settings and jewelry finishes.   

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Answer by vivaelcris
the chapest will be silver or stainless steel if its just a simple band but price can also be determined depending on the workmanship that goes into making the ring

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