My Swiss Army Knifes Scissors won't work!!?

 My Swiss Army Knife's Scissors won't work!!?

The scissors in my Swiss Army Knife won't work, but it isn't because I've misaligned the spring when I've put it in, there's like a dirt/rust stuff in the middle part of the two scissor parts; which unfortunately, I can't get to unless I take them apart which I don't really want to do. I don't think it's to do with rust from water, because:

1. My friend who owns one softly washes his in soapy water every now and again.
2. I thought all of the metals were "Stainless Steel".

So I have absolutely NO idea what is up with it. Someone please help me with this problem because I want everything on my knife to work perfectly, and every time I try to use the scissors and they jam I get annoyed. Does anyone have a solution for this problem, and what it is in my knife?
Thanks in advance!

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Answer by JBG
Spray wd-40 on it.

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