Permanently darkening stainless steel?

Permanently darkening stainless steel.?

I was given a nice stainless steel watch but I don't like the shininess of the stainless steel. Is there a way besides heat (don't want to ruin the watch), gun blue (tried it doesn't work) that wont be too expensive. I looking for something more permanent than spray pain.
My apologies, thats supposed to be spray PAINT not pain.
What about using a parkerizing technique like on guns.

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Answer by redbeardthegiant
Do NOT use chlorine [actually, hypochlorite]; it will pit the surface.
Nitric acid will oxidize some stainless steels.
Be aware that there are hundreds of different alloys in the set "stainless steel" and they all have different corrosion properties.
Chromate may also work.

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