Platnium or stainless steel "promise ring"

Platnium or stainless steel "promise ring"

My boyfriend is proposing on our three year anniversary valentines, should i get him a "promise ring"?
My boyfriend i have a feeling is finally proposing on Valentines Day, our three year anniversary. I love him so much, and would like to get him a platnium or stainless steel "promise ring", to show him that I am serious as well. Im not proposing to him or anything I just want him to see that I am just as serious as he is. But i dont know if thats just odd, or if he will like it. I would prefer mens opinions that are actually in a committed relationship not someone who has no clue what they are talking about thanks.

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Answer by Valerie X #23!
Dumb idea.

Wrong section by the way.

This section is for the "grown up big people".......

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