Should i get a furminator for dog?

Should i get a furminator for dog?

I have 2 chow chow mixes and a pekingese. They all three shed A LOT. I'm thinking of getting a furminator because someone said they work really good. Have you ever used one? Do they work really good? How much do they cost? Do they last a long time? My dog brushes don't always last a long time.

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Answer by EliseSC
I have a furminator for my two dogs (a german shepherd and a border collie) and it works wonders. I brush them about once a week and their coats are nice and shiny and there's not a lot of hair flying around the house. I don't know where you're from, but in Canada the furminator I bought was $ 75.00. They have smaller ones for $ 50.00, but since your dogs are fairly big in size I would suggest getting the bigger one. I bought mine about 2 years ago and it still works great and hasn't gone dull. Hope this helps.

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A few friends have forwarded links of The Furminator to me now that my dogs have begun blowing their coats. After taking a look at their site, I was surprised to see how expensive this de-shedding tool is--about $60 for the large dog version, $25 for the small cat version. Compared to a typical $10 comb, I'd rather get some feedback before springing for these fancy ones. Do they really work in keeping your pet relatively shed-free? Pros and cons?

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