Solingen Krupp 18/10 stainlesssteel princess gold cutlery

Solingen Krupp 18/10 stainless steel princess gold cutlery

I was given a 71 piece antique set of Solingen Krupp 18/10 stainless steel princess gold cutlery. I am trying?

To find a value for it but cannot find anything about it- anyone know a site with information on this?
Thanks Vamp. the "Princess Gold" seems to be a design name etched into some of the cutlery pieces. The set is in its original box and appears complete, but I don't know anything about this stuff. it was given to me by a a deceased community members kids after I dod the funeral for their mom. If it has no value, then I'll use it, but I don't really need it and thus the quest to find out if it has any value or is just something old but not valuable

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Answer by Vamp
I don't quite know where to start with this.

Krupp is a manufacturer of steel and patented the stainless steel process in Germany in 1912. However the name "Krupp" can be associated as generic word for stainless steel (people talk about something being made in Krupp steel)

Solingen is a place that is a centre of steel making (as is, say, Sheffield in the UK). Although the area produces high quality work, the name, in itself, doesn't mean anything.

The combination "Solingen Krupp" is no more meaningful than "Sheffield Stainless Steel". It tells us the area of manufacture and the material. We need to know the manufacturer.

I wasn't certain whether "Princess Gold" was the name of the set or whether the "gold" referred to plating of some description - not that I could find anything on a search as this is far too general anyway.

The other thing is do you have any clue how old the set is? We know it can't be earlier than 1912 so that's not really "antique" in the normal definition of the term (items over 100 years old) but there is still a lot of difference between the 1920s and the 1950s.

I suspect you may have to take this to an antique dealer for valuation. There are other things that may affect the value (Do you have the original box. Is the set complete?). There isn't really much of a market for old stainless steel cutlery and flatware - it's not usually considered very collectible and it is quite easy to pick up pieces pretty cheaply. This may not be true of your set but I don't think you should get up your hopes that it may be worth a lot.

I don't think I can be of any further help without knowing who is the manufacturer. The only thing I can find for "Princess Gold" is modern.

Having a look at Solingen Krupp cutlery in general did bring up an ebay sale of a 70 piece set (described as "used") for £42. Items with horn or ivory or porcelain handles are worth more. I noticed an opinion from someone who said they were interested in this field that 1950s sets with plastic handles in good condition were worth about $ 1 a piece without the original box.


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