Stainless Steel wallet on ThinkGeek's website

Stainless Steel wallet on ThinkGeek's website

Which Wallet Should I Get?

Hi Yahoo community, I'm trying to find a classy and somewhat indie/unique wallet to replace the one I currently have with a ripped coin pocket. I'm very tired of having elaborate wallets which always manage to mark up easily, or rip, etc. I've decided to go for a much simpler design consisting of an area for cash and anywhere form 3-6 cards depending on how much size it will add to the whole wallet. So far I've come across two that I really like after a few hours of searching:
(The second site is flash based, but it's the 3-Card in "Tux" color scheme)

I like the first one because it's different yet classic (in terms of material and color), simple, and has a unique look to it; I've never seen one quite like it. I like the second one because it's very simple, form meets function, and needless to say VERY unique (Uniqueness isn't the most important factor for me, but I don't want it to be one of the generic wallets you see people pull out). I also saw a "Stainless Steel" wallet on ThinkGeek's website, but I don't really like the silver color (I want something that doesn't flash or say "HEY LOOK AT ME!"; just something that if people saw, would think is unique and a nice change from the norm). Anyways, I'm open to more suggestions, and votes for either one of the above selections. Please don't just Google "Unique Wallets" or something of the sort; I can tell you chances are I've seen it, seeing as I've spent hours searching. You either know of one off the top of your head, or have been through the same search for even longer. Thanks in advance, 10 points to whoever satisfies the most I guess. P.S. Votes will be extremely appreciated as well; I do really like the two I've found, but it's very difficult for me to decide. (In fact, I think I'm looking more for votes than new suggestions, unless the suggestions really blow me away). The max I think I'm looking to spend is $ 150, but I will go higher if it's really worth it (not over $ 250 though).

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Answer by maryam
TUX Classsiccis hot

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