What are the top uses of Nickel ?

What are the top uses of Nickel ?

Question by dfsd f: What are the top uses of Nickel?

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Nickel is a metallic element, making up 0.008% of the Earth's crust. However, when the deeper core of the Earth is included, nickel becomes more abundant, and is the fifth most common element after iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium.


Did you know that . . .
Nickel was formed in supernova explosions?
Nickel is the fifth most common element in the Earth?
Nickel is a part of the natural environment?
Nickel is essential to the metabolism of all plants?

Nickel Magazine has commissioned Toronto-based artist Mark Crozier to create the following "Did you know?" cartoons. They are designed as user-friendly teaching aids for educators and public relations communicators in the nickel and stainless steel industry.
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'The Magic of Nickel'
This presentation is intended to explain to you the role of nickel in stainless steels and the factors that you should take into account when you are considering the use of a stainless steel.

By Dr. David Jenkinson
Nickel Institute Director, Australasia
Based on a paper "The Effective Use of Nickel in Stainless Steels", which was presented at Nickel China 2005
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End Use
Nickel is used in thousands of applications in virtually every industry:

First Use
Nickel is a key component of many different materials that are used by society in many different industries to manufacture a wide range of end-use products. By first use, all the 'new' nickel that is produced each year is apportioned as follows:

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