What is a ratchet/spiral screwdriver and an electric screwdrivertypically made of?

What is a ratchet/spiral screwdriver and an electric screwdriver typically made of?

I'm stressing the word "typically" here. Doesn't matter what brand, just any sort of ratchet/spiral and electric (again, any type) screwdriver. In depth, if possible - for instance, instead of saying, "steel", try to say what type of steel (eg. stainless, etc). Alternatively, you can name another type of screwdriver (except the typical Phillips head and its ilk) and what that's made of. Blade, handle, and any other parts if possible.
Thanks in advance.
If you have lots, then name the first two that come to your mind and say what they're made of.

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Answer by cheezyhill
Your question is way to vague. There are as many types of screw drivers as there are materials they are made of.

I have screw drivers of all different sizes and types. Most are not made of stainless steel. Some are spark resistant, some are meant to conduct electrical current.

Some are slotted, some are phillips, some are square tipped, some are star tipped, some have interchangeable tips, some are magnetic, some are non magnetic.

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