Where can I buy leg-strap sheaths for knives?

Where can I buy leg-strap sheaths for knives?

I just bought a "The Best Defense 440 Stainless Steel" knife. In which, I dislike the sheath it came with. But anyways, I desire to carry it on my leg. The blade itself is about 8.2-8.3 inches. From the tip of the blade to the end of the handle is slightly over 12 inches (maybe that might help)

Is there any leg-strap sheath available for this knife? (I really hope so)

Also, where can I buy a stone sharperner?

Please let me know about good websites where they sell good knife equipments or knifes itself. Thanks.

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Answer by man with the guns
Go to the manufacturers website. If they make a leg strap for it they will more then likely have a few.

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