Which steel strings are softest for beginner guitarplaying.?

Which steel strings are softest for beginner guitarplaying.?

A question about which steel strings are softest for beginner guitar playing.?
Hello. I understand that there are differences in the brightness between 80/20 Bronze, Brass Strings, Phosphorous-Bronze Strings, and Nickle wrapped strings over a core wire of stainless steel. It seems all the strings for 1st and 2nd position on an acoustic guitar steel stringed guitar are stainless steel and only the gauge varies. But on the other 4 wrapped strings what is the softer feeling strings until my finger tips can toughen up. And am I correct about the 1st and 2nd steel strings? I did notice that D'Addario claims to use a hex-core wire made from "high carbon steel". Would stainless steel be softer or D'Addario's high carbon steel strings at the 1st and 2nd positions (E and B string)?

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Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
I think it's much more a matter of gauge than it is string composition. I use and recommend Elixir Nanoweb light gauge acoustic strings but they make an extra light gauge as well. Give 'em a try.

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