Why do rich suburban white girls like to quote The Notorious BIG somuch?

Why do rich suburban white girls like to quote The Notorious BIG so much?

I'm from Galveston, TX where my school has a literacy rate of 50%, but I was lucky enough to transfer to a rich-a** suburban school where 97% of the school is White. I'm just chilling on my facebook, right? And these white girls on it has status updates and photo titles with BIggie lines like "Bitches I like 'em brainless, guns I like 'em stainless steel"...I was gonna finish the rhyme by typing "I want the M$ %&%^$ ^%#%# fortune like the wheel" but I decided not to. Another white girl's status update was that she had "an appetite for destruction but [she] cleans the plate" -- Jay-Z. Some photo titles are choruses like "welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaack" -- I can understand that because Ma$ e's choruses are catchy.

I can't think of anymore examples, but I KNOW they don't be quoting nasty lines like The Notorious BIG's "Dead Wrong" or "What's Beef" or "heart throb, never, black and ugly as ever" but these white suburban chicks like getting "ghettofied" like it's "glorious" to pretend to be under the employment rate (when actually, they're filthy rich and there's nothing better for them to do except party, take retarded pictures, and get drunk) and they enjoy the Hoes and Pimps mentality.

Why is this? I'm sick of seeing classic rhymes that I know being applied to photo album titles and status updates that barely apply to those situations in the first place.
I was MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and this stuff was ON MY HOME PAGE. If I were stalking, I would find more, I guarantee it. This scenario has been around for YEARS and I'm not going to HIDE the problem, I'm going to expose it

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stop looking at them

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