Will a "stainless steel" wallet really block RFID?

Will a "stainless steel" wallet really block RFID?
I want to know before I drop almost $ 100 on a stainless steel wallet if it really does act like a Faraday cage in your pocket and block RFID transmissions. In this new age of identity theft I want to protect my credit cards with chips in them from people that are up to no good. Here are the two I am considering.

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Answer by Mark
I like this question! Someone who is actually paying attention to what is, going on, around them- Kudos!

http://www.IdentityStronghold.com Much more affordable

This site has a full-line of products for many items we carry with us everyday.

Also read SpyChips http://www.spychips.com (available in paperback now). A good book that tells of the dangers involved with RFID. Some of the writing seems, at first glance, a bit paranoid. But, with a little more investigation into RFID on your part you will find out that this ‘technology’ can and is very invasive into your privacy.

Great question. I encourage you to research RFID further.

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