Application of Stainless steel in Traditional Kitchen

Application of Stainless steel in Traditional Kitchen

Okay, so admittedly there are a lot of us out there that wouldn't know our traditional from our country French, We're die-hard "I know what I like and I don't care what style it is". 

The polite term for what some might see as an unrefined taste in style is actually called eclectic. And really that's how we could define the use of stainless steel in the kitchen. It really belongs to no one decorating style and when done right stainless steel can work great in any kitchen.

The last decade has seen an increase of stainless steel used in kitchen items from major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers right down to tea kettles and the return of the sleek retro stainless steel toaster, just like the one Mom had.

But stainless steel has gone beyond our mother's shiny toaster. It is one of the most versatile design materials used in kitchens today. And the nice thing is that the metal can compliment any decorating style you might have in mind.

Stainless Steel: The Perfect Addition to Any Style

Stainless steel has the unique quality of adapting to its surroundings, making it the perfect choice for any kitchen décor. Stainless steel will appear bright and gleaming in a light colored kitchen or muted and toned down with darker colors.

It works equally as well with whatever style of cabinetry you might choose creating an artistic balance between wood and metal. If you don't want a shiny look consider a brushed finish for your appliances. You can add satin nickel cabinet hardware including satin nickel cabinet knobs to your cabinets and the two will work well together.

If you do a lot of cooking, you'll want a countertop that not only looks great but works hard as well and stainless steel fills the bill perfectly. If your kitchen is party central then you'll want your countertops to do double duty and a stainless steel counter can go from work surface to entertaining with little effort.
 It offers a scratch resistant, anti-bacterial, heat resistant surface that other countertop products just don't have. There are special cleaners made specifically for stainless steel so you won't have to worry about those unsightly fingerprints and water stains.

Warming Up to Stainless Steel

You might think that stainless steel is cold but nothing could be further from the truth. Think of it as part of a neutral palette. It will pick up the colors you use in your kitchen. If you want a softer look add lots of warm colored fabrics in your kitchen curtains, table covering and seating cushions.

If you want your cabinet hardware to match but can't find stainless steel, you could use satin nickel cabinet hardware. Adding satin nickel cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and hinges have basically the same look of brushed stainless steel and the look will help unify the décor of your kitchen.

Don't forget about the door knobs. Many people will completely refurbish their kitchens and forget about the old door knobs on the pantries and exterior doors. Stainless steel door knobs can add a clean and bright new look to your existing doors as well as match the rest of your new stainless steel kitchen.

So if you're still asking that burning question, "Can stainless steel work in a traditional kitchen?" The answer is, "Absolutely." Stainless steel is extremely versatile and will provide a quality that can suit any personal taste or style preference. So whether your kitchen is traditional, country French or even contemporary Swedish with a touch of Southwest, yes, stainless steel can be the perfect choice.

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