Did anyone use the Faux Stainless steel before???

Did anyone use the Faux Stainless steel before???

I wanted to upgrade my kitchen with stainless steel but i dont want to spend all that money fot it, I saw the stainless metal wrap on HGTV and it look pretty good. so i am asking if anyone use it before and were can i purchase it? I would like to be able to go to the stores to purchase it if possible, I live in GA.

Please please help!!!

Thank you.

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Answer by TX-Griff
You may have a tough time finding a local retailer that carries the "stainless steel" contact paper... apparently most home improvement stores aren't stocking it on their shelves.

So, try online and make sure you shop w/ a web site that offers a generous RETURN policy.

I've seen the rolls that come 18"w x 6'l... retails for $ 10-$ 12/roll, but you can order rolls that're 35+" w x 12'l for ~$ 50.

Here're some places that carry it:
>> Self-adhesive metallic decorative covering. Cleans easily and cuts with scissors for a custom application. There is a grid on the liner for a perfect measurement. 18" x 6' ... http://housewares.hardwarestore.com/37-188-contact-papers/metal-fx-stainless-steel-contact-paper-105303.aspx

>> A "Stainless Steel" Look Without The Price. Easily transform aging appliances. Just peel and stick our Stainless Steel Adhesive Film over any fridge, oven or dishwasher for an instant update. Repositionable & temp. resistant (to 175 degrees). Trim to fit roll covers approx. 36 square ft. 35 1/4"w x 12'l... http://www.ekitchengadgets.com/ststpvccopa5.html

Hope this helps,
TX Griff

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